BPA List move to Google/Yahoo Groups: Issues

My background/experience (context for advice/comments)

Inclination: Google over Yahoo

Google/Yahoo Groups over other alternatives

Since most users will rarely use the mailing list management software, our choice should be something they are likely to be able to navigate successfully without additional documentation. Typically this means it has something very similar to the look-and-feel of other software they might be using.
Warning: My sense is that a large proportion of the membership of the BPA email lists are not subscribers to any similar style lists.

The advantage of using a mailing list management package hosted on the BPA mail server is that the mailing list names need be unique only within the BPAonline.org domain, whereas, within Google and Yahoo Groups, we can only use group names that haven't already been taken. For example, the following names are not available on at least one of G/Y Groups: bpa, bpa-board, and strawberryhill.

The Mailman package provides an interface and capabilities similar to that of G/Y Groups (all flow from similar inspiration and experience). However, software development seems to be all-but-abandoned and the documentation hasn't been fully updated to the current version. Hence, my recommendation against it.

Similarly, the other alternatives for small sites all seem to be dying/dead.

With both Yahoo and Google groups, I have seen cases where messages were never sent, or delayed for many hours. The sender and list administrator get no notification of these problems. One of the big advantages of hosting the email lists on the BPA server has been that I _do_ get such notifications and have easy access to logs for debugging problems that are belatedly reported. However, I judge such problems with G/Y Groups to be tolerable because they are far less than the problems from erroneous blacklist'ing.

Coordination of email list membership with BPA membership database

Although I have long been dissatisified with the mailing list manager currently being used with the BPA email lists, it was somewhat easier to coordinate with our membership database. Again, if anyone has experience in this issue, I would appreciate a chance to talk to you.