How a Neighborhood Association Uses the Internet: Advice and Reflections

Summary: A description of the experiences of the Barron Park (Neighborhood) Association of Palo Alto, California in using the Internet, both electronic mail (e-mail) and the World Wide Web. The focus is on topics and issues likely to be of interest to similar groups, and includes both ideas that worked and didn't work (for us). Descriptions of some of the mistakes we made are provided as object lessons (some of these errors may seem obvious in retrospect, but they weren't at the time).


Neighborhood Profile

E-mail to residents

E-mail between Directors

Web Site Design

Search Engines can be your friend

Differences accentuated by Internet usage

Web "Case Studies"

Some examples of how we use the Web.

Virtual Web Site

Our Web site is spread out over multiple computers.

Implications and consequences:

Hints and Tricks

Collaborative Authoring

Collaborative authoring using e-mail works well for fine-tuning a letter or similar document: There is a primary author and various people make comments and suggestions, which the primary author then blends into the final form. He is responsible for deciding what gets used, including rejecting some advice and resolving conflicting comments.

However, collaborative authoring through e-mail has many problems when you apply it to a composite document, such as a newsletter composed of articles from multiple people.

Other Resources

Change Log

Chronological list of significant changes. Intended to allow return visitors to more easily find what is new/changed.

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