January 9, 2004


The Board of Directors of the Barron Park Neighborhood Association supports the proposed Charleston/Arastradero Corridor redesign plan in the 12/10/2003 Staff Report as it was recommended by the Planning & Transportation Commission on that date.  We believe that the Charleston/Arastradero School Corridor is currently unsafe for pedestrians and bicyclists, particularly for school-bound children and senior citizens.  Safety must be our first priority.  The Board supports a trial study of the following design changes:


a. Installation of coordinated and adaptive traffic signals along the Corridor to improve the flow of traffic, to maintain or improve travel times, and to give priority to emergency vehicles,


b. Implementation of a three-lane reduction the full length of the Charleston/ Arastradero school corridor with the exception of sections where it is clear that four lanes are needed to accommodate queuing.  This three lane configuration will provide the needed room for wider bike lanes, for the construction of medians, and for additional right and left turn lanes which will improve the flow of traffic by eliminating the back-ups currently caused by the turning movements of cars.  This reconfiguration will reduce speeding on the school corridor, thereby significantly lessening the number

      and severity of injuries,


c. Implementation of a continuous bike lane along the entire corridor,  the widening of the bike lane, and the colored painting of the bike lane for increased visibility,


d. Implementation of bulb-outs and median strips with pedestrian refuges to improve the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists needing to cross the road,


e. Addition of more crosswalks and “smart crosswalks” to improve the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists needing to cross the road,


  1. Lengthening of the left turn lanes at Terman School, installation of a left  turn lane at Hoover School, and the addition of a dedicated right turn lane into Gunn High School.








Douglas Moran, President